Friday, October 17, 2008


'Strike 2' Collage on watercolour paper 510 x 690 $1200 Unframed

'Aquarius' Collage on watercolour paper 510 x 690 $1200 Unframed

' Elpie' Oil on canvas Not for sale

' Ngaire' Oil on canvas NZ$250

'Study in purple' Acrylic on canvas NZ$200

' Portia' Acrylic on canvas NZ$250

Exhibition in Hamilton

'Light on Flaxmill' Oil on canvas board NZ$200

'Lena' Acrylic on canvas NZ$250

'First Flowers' Acrylic on canvas NZ$250

'Michele' Acrylic on canvas NZ$250

'Helen' Oil on canvas NZ$250 Sold

'Untitled' Acrylic on canvas NZ$250 Sold


masterymistery said...

Your paintings are very interesting. I specially like 'Untitled' Acrylic on canvas NZ$250 (torso of a woman in profile). Your style is reminiscent of Chagall.

Do you charge entry re your sculpture garden? You should.


masterymistery at cosmic rapture

chook said...

Hey Cosmic, I sold the painting off the wall last week. Most times I paint the torso first but for that painting I already had the background painted and had fun incorporating the nude onto it. Thanks for the comparison to Chagall, love his blues and dreamy folksy subjects.
The sculpture garden is around the restaurant so free for all to enjoy. I run a sculpture symposium starting Nov.24th for a week where sculptors from around NZ are invited to come to the garden and make sculpture.
Regards too

. said...
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. said...


I am glad I came across your art it is inspiring. I am at delaware college of art n design. Im interested in going more toward sculpture could u steer me toward a influencial sculptor that stands out?


chook said...

Welcome Chuck, thanks for dropping by. I guess Michelangelo, Rodin, Maillol, Picasso, Nature herself. I get inspired by shapes no matter who makes them. Also the space between as in Japanese art and thought.