Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wooden sculptures

'We Died for What' my sculpture for the Legato exhibition in Cassino. Installed at the Locanda Hotel Roccasecca

Installed at Mercury Bay Estate Winery Cooks Beach

'The Righteous and the Sinner' installed at Tom and Jane Parson's house Hahei


'Chair Leader'

'Group Show' installed at the entrance to Whitianga town

'Mini Vortex' installed in Whitianga town

Piano M(a)en

'Treepee' Macrocarpa, exterior glue, galvanised nails NZ$4000

'Group Show' Treated pine, exterior glue, stainless nails. NZ$4000

'Now I've got carbon credits' Macrocarpa, exterior glue, galvanised nails NZ$3000

I make them in sections so they are easily transported

'Get on your Skates' Treated pine, exterior glue, stainless nails. NZ$1400

'I only want a kiss!' Treated pine, exterior glue, stainless nails. NZ$3000

'Wood 'n' Arches' Treated pine, exterior glue, stainless nails. $1200

'Vortex small' Treated pine, exterior glue, stainless nails. $1200

'Snake' Treated pine, exterior glue, stainless nails. NZ$350

Exhibition at the Egg

'Chair Leader' Treated pine, exterior glue, stainless nails. NZ$3000

'Mother and Daughter' Treated pine, exterior glue, stainless nails NZ$1800


masterymistery said...

your work is amazing. Truly.

The debate about what constitutes art has been raging for a long time, especially in relation to some of the weirder stuff, like that woman's (Tracy someone or other, in the UK) unmade bed with condom wrappers.

I understand the argument that pretty much anything can be called art, if you put your mind to it.

However, for me the way to short-circuit the whole debate and all its definitional problems, is simply to define art as "whatever-your-definition-is" plus craftsmanship plus deliberate intent (to create art--this latter condition excludes so-called "found art")

An unmade bed with condom wrapper can be art, if it is built with craftsmanship and with the intent to create art.

All of the above is a long-winded way of saying that your art is very definitely art, not only for its aesthetics, but also because clearly you are a master craftsman.

Love your painting, 'Light on Flaxmill'. I might copy (or rather, emulate) the concept, ie the faux pixelisation.


masterymistery at cosmic rapture

PS thanks for stopping by and for your comment on "a man named Mann y".

chook said...

Cosmic thanks so much for your appreciation. As an artist there is a constant battle going inside my head about the worthiness of calling myself an artist.
I don't know that we should have definitions of what is art.
If "your definition" is that knitting is art, and it's beautifully crafted and not found, is it art?
If a child does a painting because they enjoy playing with paint with no intent could it not be art? If a cave painter paints a kangaroo in a dim cave with no thought that it would be seen, is it his intent to create art?
I do have problems with poorly made art (often conceptual art is).
When you see a Matisse drawing of a few lines capturing a characterisation you think it was easy, but he probably threw out 200 before he got it right.
Some artists make it big suddenly but I think with most of us it is banging away in small increments until the general concensus is that you are an artist.
You are welcome to emulate Flaxmill. I had trouble trying to find a way of giving distance. The hills at the back should perhaps have been in smaller pixels but that would make it very difficult.
I'm happy to try chess. How do I go about it?

masterymistery said...

I think we need to have a definition even if it is a very loose one in order to protect the category from being invaded by things like a pile of bricks or a dead cow or an unmade bed.

In my opinion, following are the prerequisites:

1. an honest intent 2 create a work of "art".

2. The deliberate conscious excercise of craftsmanship.

3. The artwork must be capable of being seen or heard. We are talking visual arts here and music. A banquet may be described as a work of art, but is not relevant to this current discussion. You could include an additional criterion of being capable of being felt or touched, as in the case of sculpture, but I don't want to get into the details here.

4. The artwork should elicit emotion (in the viewer or the audience) and\or convey a message.

I do not believe (in terms of a discussion of definitions)that there is such a thing as accidental art, or works of art created by or found in nature.

The child who is doing a painting does have the intent to creaTE (a pretty picture or a birthday card for mom or a present for a friend or teacher). I would argue that the child's intent is very similar to the intent of the artist, and that the differences are purely terminological.

Another mammoth rant! You make a number of very good points, And this discussion is very far away from being resolved, But we will not resolve it today or in this forum.


masterymistery at cosmic rapture

Shubhajit said...

Wow! it is incredible...i have never witnessed such art in my life and want to study on that further..could you send me some links where i can find necessary information on those.

chook said...

Cosmic - yes good points but why this preoccupation to have definitions. Give art rules and someone will come up with a computer programme!
A dead cow has been seen and judged to be a work of art. But who are the bullshit judgers? You don't think it was a work of art but they do.
As an artist I often have accidentals happen in my art but I guess I do have intent.
The intent of the child is only intent not necessarily the intent to make art.
I love all the crap surrounding the art world, believe it or don't, use it or not!

Shubhajit - what are you talking about man, I made them in my back yard!!! I can tell you about every piece of wood cut and sanded and glued and nailed.

Tazeen said...

oh you do such amazing work. I am impressed

365 said...

very impressive sculptures, wood is awesome material!

Glennis said...

Very interesting work. Completely original work.

Anonymous said...

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